Project Overview:

This Brookfield staircase remodel project elevated the home’s aesthetic and value through the meticulous remodeling of the staircase railing system. By replacing the existing wood balusters with decorative forged satin black ½” balusters, we infused modern elegance into the space. Additionally, the installation of color-matched stained oak boards further enhanced the staircase’s visual appeal, seamlessly blending tradition and contemporary design.


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Staircase Remodel Challenges and Solutions:

  • Collaboratively developing a written plan and engaging in detailed discussions with the customer proved to be the most effective approach for laying out all aspects of the project and then successfully executing it.

Customer Review

  • “We have found Brian to be pleasant, dedicated and personable with an extensive knowledge in construction. He welcomed our ideas and input regarding replacing the wood balusters on our stairway and replacing them with wrought iron. He took the time to listen to our ideas and make our vision a reality. We would highly recommend Build It Right Carpentry to anyone seeking help with their home renovation projects. Brian was professional, detail-oriented and extremely helpful with suggestions on how to bring my design idea to fruition. The quality of workmanship was excellent. Since the project was completed, we have received many compliments on how lovely, regal and modern the staircase looks. We will definitely consider using this company again in the future.”