Project Overview:

For this Delafield deck construction project, we embarked on a comprehensive renovation, beginning with the demolition and removal of the existing structure. In its place, we crafted a stunning new deck featuring Azek Kona decking paired with Westbury Tuscany aluminum railings, complete with a convenient gate for added security and accessibility. The deck’s stability and durability were ensured with the installation of 6 helical piers, supporting a spacious 16’W x 20’D platform designed to enhance outdoor living and enjoyment.

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Challenges and Solutions:

  • While working on this Delafield deck construction project, the owner was away for approximately 5-6 days, but our transparent communication with clients mitigated any potential for misunderstanding. To accommodate the varying exterior door heights, we skillfully incorporated two small staircases set at different levels, ensuring seamless access and functionality throughout the deck space.