Project Overview:

This Muskego kitchen remodel project breathed new life into the space by creatively utilizing the existing cabinet boxes. We rejuvenated these foundations with a fresh coat of paint and enhanced them with new, custom-built full overlay doors and drawer fronts. To complement the upgraded cabinetry, we installed new countertops in stunning Graphite Brown granite. Additionally, we elevated the design by adding high wall cabinets with glass fronts atop the existing boxes, transforming the previously medium oak-stained cabinets into a visually striking and modern kitchen ensemble.

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Kitchen Remodel Challenges and Solutions:

Incorporating new high-upper cabinets with glass doors and grilles presented a unique challenge in our Muskego kitchen remodel. The goal was to seamlessly integrate these elements in a way that made them appear as though they had always been part of the kitchen’s original design. Achieving this required meticulous planning and precision, ensuring that each new piece complemented the existing structure flawlessly, enhancing the overall aesthetic and functionality of the space.

Customer Review

  • “Build it Right Company – Brian was great to work with. We interviewed many remodelers and got quotes from a number of other companies. I am truly glad we picked Build it Right. All work was done professionally and by experts in the specific trades. Brian was honest throughout the process and kept to the schedule. Whenever we had questions or concerns, Brian was quick to respond and thorough with the answers. We are planning on doing future projects with Brian.”